The MLK Center comprises the faculty members who co-direct the center; eminent scholars who have participated in speakers series related to The Center; and everyone who chooses to affiliate with The Center, including but not limited to faculty, students, and speakers.

MLK Center Co-Directors

The Center is directed by faculty members. The current co-directors are Caroline Clark and Barbara Kiefer. All are in the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University.


Affiliates include faculty, students, speakers, and anyone interested in, and in support of, the mission of The MLK Center. Current affiliates include:

  • Mollie Blackburn
  • David Bloome
  • Lizbeth Bryant
  • Caroline Clark
  • Karin Dahl
  • Randi Douglas
  • Brian Edmiston
  • Pat Enciso
  • Marcia Farr
  • Evelyn Freeman
  • Mary Jo Fresch
  • Susan Fullerton
  • Barbara Joseph
  • Laura Justice
  • Barbara Kiefer
  • Valerie Kinloch
  • Raylene Kos
  • Barbara Lehman
  • Lea McGee
  • Merry Merryfield
  • George Newell
  • Peter Paul
  • Elaine Richardson
  • Adrian Rodgers
  • Emily Rodgers
  • Pat Scharer
  • Vladimir Sloutsky
  • Anna Soter
  • Cynthia Tyson
  • Ian Wilkinson
  • Shelly Wong
  • Jerry Zutell