Mission Statement

  1. To foster and support scholarship and research in the study of language and literacies.
  2. To foster and support collaborative inquiry and innovative approaches to conducting research and disseminating findings.
  3. To enrich the scholarly lives of affiliates, including the lives of graduate students and emerging scholars.
  4. To provide an annual thematic study of current scholarship and research including:
    • Visiting eminent scholars
      • Research presentations to the university community
      • Brown bag conversations with affiliates
      • Invited presentations by affiliates
      • Reading groups, scheduled regularly, open to faculty and graduate students
  5. To maintain The Martha King Center seminar room, in 200 Ramseyer Hall
    • A venue for seminars, presentations, and conversations
    • A venue for classes to use the resources housed in the seminar room:
      • Scholarly publications by affiliates
      • Scholarly books and journals
      • The Bonnie Chambers Children’s Literature Collection and Teaching Resource
  6. To maintain a website to support the vision and mission of the Center

Vision Statement

  • Faculty and graduate students from across the university who are interested in the study of language and literacies may affiliate with the Martha L. King Center for Language and Literacies
  • The Center provides a forum for dialogue across diverse communities
  • Affiliates recognize and value the following:
    • Conversations across disciplines and theoretical perspectives on language and literacies
    • The social, cultural, economic, political, and ethical dimensions of language and literacy
    • Literacy as a public and personal practice
    • Literacies at work across the lifecycle and in various contexts including home, communities, schools, families, workplace, recreational, global, and natural settings.